At Salem United Church of Christ, we are friends, family, young, old, single, married, kids, retired, traditional, open-minded. While we can’t be all things to all people we like to think we have much to offer and can be many things to many people while still maintaining our relationship with God. We invite you to look around and get a feel for our church.

Mission Statement

At Salem United Church of Christ of Rohrerstown, we celebrate our unique gifts as a part of the Body of Jesus Christ. We Strive to model the ways of Christ through our worship and prayer life, our practice of discipleship, and our life of fellowship. We commit our energies to live as servants and extend Christian hospitality and mission to our local and world community. Building upond the historical and contemporary, we come together to shape the lives of tomorrow. 


We invite you to join us each week to celebrate the life of Jesus Christ...


      Adult Sunday School 9:00 am in the Library with nursery available

      Worship 10:00 am in the Sanctuary

Salem United Church of Christ

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The Season of Easter

In the Easter season the light returns as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Yet there is an odd slowness to this – the Sunday after Easter we read of the disciples in hiding out of fear of the religious authorities, and of Thomas coming even more slowly to a realization that Christ is risen. We read of disciples travelling in uncertainty, only recognizing Jesus in the breaking of the bread. Yet the light does grow, the faith does grow, and the church does grow. Indeed, throughout this season we begin to capture a sense of the unstoppable nature of the Christian church. While the authorities try to squelch it by killing Stephen, the light only shines brighter. Faith in the risen Christ is contagious!


May 7 “With Glad and Generous Hearts” Acts 2:42–47 The Sacrament of Holy Communion One of the key things that this reading from Acts tells us about the early Christians is that they shared their food “with glad and generous hearts” (v. 46, NRSV). Given the persecution of the time and the fact that there was incredible uncertainty about the future, this seems a very courageous and wonderful thing to do. How readily can you live out your Christian faith with a glad and generous heart? What would help make that easier?


May 14 “The Rock Proclaims the Cornerstone” 1 Peter 2:1–10 Rev. Haan Phelps, pulpit supply


May 21 “Called Alongside” John 14:15–21 Today’s passage continues Jesus’ farewell speech to the disciples. It is the first of four teachings in the gospel of John about God’s Spirit. Here, the Spirit is described as “advocate,” from the Greek parakletos. “Paraclete” has a range of meanings that communicate who the Spirit is by what the Spirit does. Among other things, paraclete can mean to encourage, help, or comfort. The use of “advocate” here comes from the way the word is used in other settings to convey the equivalent of a defense attorney. The Spirit comes as a gift from God, just as John earlier portrayed Jesus as God’s gift (3:16).


May 28 “All My Relations” John 17:1–11 As many churches seek to grow in their understanding of Christian unity, and beyond that of the interconnectedness of all creation, we remember Jesus’ simple plea, that we all be one. Simple, but not always easy. How interconnected do you feel to other Christians beyond your congregation/ denomination? How interconnected do you feel with those of other faiths? How interconnected do you feel with all of creation?


June 4 Pentecost Sunday “A Hymnfest of Praise to the Holy Spirit” The Sacrament of Holy Communion Strengthen the Church Offering 

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