At Salem United Church of Christ, we are friends, family, young, old, single, married, kids, retired, traditional, open-minded. While we can’t be all things to all people we like to think we have much to offer and can be many things to many people while still maintaining our relationship with God. We invite you to look around and get a feel for our church.

Mission Statement

At Salem United Church of Christ of Rohrerstown, we celebrate our unique gifts as a part of the Body of Jesus Christ. We Strive to model the ways of Christ through our worship and prayer life, our practice of discipleship, and our life of fellowship. We commit our energies to live as servants and extend Christian hospitality and mission to our local and world community. Building upond the historical and contemporary, we come together to shape the lives of tomorrow. 


We invite you to join us each week to celebrate the life of Jesus Christ...


      Adult Sunday School 9:00 am in the Library with nursery available

      Worship 10:00 am in the Sanctuary

Salem United Church of Christ

Salem UCC - Happenings:


3/1/17 Ash Wednesday Service – 7:00 PM

“Make Me an Instrument of Peace: Re-Cognition”

The season of Lent begins with a call to repent, which means to “turn around.” This year, we will turn from our apathy, turn from simply “going through the motions” of our life and worship. Instead we will pray to be active instruments of peace, agents of change in the world. We begin the journey toward renewing our baptismal identity as the hands and feet of Christ by “re-cognizing”–tuning our minds and hearts toward the world and its peoples. We will participate in the imposition of ashes and anointing of oil at this service.


3/5/17 - First Sunday in Lent: Child of God

Naming Each One In our baptismal rituals, we take a special moment to repeat the precious name of the person being baptized. In a world that seems obsessed with who is “right and wrong,” “good or bad,” “in or out” or on “this side or that side,” it is a radical endeavor to name each person as “Child of God”–no matter what people say. This, indeed, is where love of the other begins... love for the self, as God loves us. We will also celebrate the Sacrament of Holy Communion on this day.


3/12/17 Second Sunday in Lent: How Long

Renouncing Evil Over half of the liturgical songs of the Israelites were Psalms of Lament. Penned in a time of exile and persecution, these were poets trying to give voice to the pain of the people. Today we lament the injustice of our time and yet, like the Psalms of Lament, we end in praise anyway for “God is good, all the time.” We remember that even and especially in times of despair, through our baptism we are given the “freedom and power to resist evil in all its forms” as we “put our whole trust in God.” How will we put these words into action to show hope to the world?


3/19/17 Third Sunday in Lent - I Dream of a Church

Christ's Representatives At our baptism, we promise to nurture others and are reminded that we are to “serve as Christ’s representatives in the world.” Today we ask the question, “do we as the church look and act like Jesus?” What thoughts and behaviors do we need to shed in order to make room for hope and peace to grow in and through our lives and this church?


3/26/17 Fourth Sunday of Lent - I Choose Love

Communities of Forgiveness One Great Hour of Sharing Offering Each time someone is baptized, the whole church body gathered also makes vows. One of the things we promise is to be a community of love and forgiveness. Each day we must choose between letting the difficult things about life create resentment in us or allowing the work of forgiveness to make way for love. Our song of justice this week was written as a response to a modern-day act of forgiveness that reminds us of the power of Jesus’ forgiveness, even on the cross.


4/2/17 - Fifth Sunday in Lent - God Has Work for Us to Do

Faithful Disciples Sacrament of Holy Communion Our featured scripture this week speaks of being a “well-watered garden like a spring of water that won’t run dry.” Baptismal waters continue to feed the streams of justice as we allow the Holy Spirit to work within us every time we set our hands and feet to the work God has for us to do. As we break bread today, we remember that as long as there are those who are hurting, hungry, excluded and oppressed, we are called be faithful disciples, setting a table and inviting all to the feast.


4/9/17 - Palm Sunday - The Day Is Coming: We Are One (Also Peace Vigil Sunday)


 4/16/17 Easter - Welcome

The New Jerusalem This is the day we proclaim that justice does indeed roll down in a stream of love that cannot be stopped! No matter what, we will continue to work to invite and welcome all people to “a city built of love and light, the new Jerusalem.” For it is in walking together, talking together and dreaming together that we are all saved from the things of death and made heirs to life as we create a better, safer and more hospitable world.


Post-Easter Season (April 23 – June 4) “Emerge” The butterfly has long been a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus as well as the resurrection of believers as we emerge from the power of death. In this Easter season, we will examine our own transformations from cocoons and tombs to the unfurled beauty of all God calls us to be.

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